Friday Find 1/11/13

I have always had a thing for mushrooms.  Weird, huh?  Maybe it is because I grew up on a farm and in the Spring we would go mushroom hunting.  After the spring rains, morel mushrooms would grow all over the woods.  My Dad, Brother and I would search for these yummy little things.  They were good at camouflaging themselves under leaves and such.  We would bring home grocery bags full of them to my Mom to clean and cook.  These mushrooms are one of the things my Mom could cook amazingly well and they are one of my favorite foods!  I have since moved to another state and I am, unfortunately, never home in the spring.  I have not had a morel mushroom in, I would guess, 12 years!

I came across this shop, shroompers, and it brought back so many memories!  These little mushroom dolls are so adorable!

Neda, Stuffed Mushroom Toy.  She looks quiet and shy, like me.

Neda, Stuffed Mushroom Toy. She looks quiet and shy, like me 🙂

Mushroom Dollhouse.  You can have a mushroom village!

Mushroom Dollhouse. You can have a mushroom village!

Baby Sprouts, just adorable!

Baby Sprouts, just adorable!

What are your thoughts on mushrooms?  Even if you don’t like to eat them, now you can enjoy playing with them 🙂

Visit shroompers at!



Favorite Friday 1/4/13

My first post in 2013, wahoo!  I can’t believe it!  I am going to post some of my favorite Etsy finds on Fridays.  I browse a lot of shops and am always finding unique, cutesy things.

First up is Unicorn Poop Cookies!  My daughter loves unicorns and these look so awesome!  These are from BakeAllTheThings,  They are hand-rolled, hand-colored, spiraled, baked, glittered and decorated.  Very time consuming!

Doesn’t it look so yummy?!



Feature – L. T. Trinkets

L. T. Trinkets is inspired by the 60’s fun, colorful and preppy fabrics.  Louise takes cotton fabric in fun designs, covers buttons with the fabric and makes lots of cool and unique items!  In her shop you can find necklaces, earrings, ponytail holders, barrettes, bookmarks, shoe clips and much more!  Louise lives on the east coast and started this hobby while looking for work.  Louise is self-taught and has grown her hobby into a business :).

You can find L. T. Trinkets here:

Etsy –

Artfie –

Facebook –

Make sure to stop by and say hello!  Here are a few of Louise’s items.

Blue and White Coverbutton Ponytail Holder $6.50

Adorable Pink Swirls Pendant/Necklace $7.00

Blue and Orange Preppy Hair Barrette featuring Lilly Pulitzer Fabric $12.00

Fabric Paperclip Bookmark Featuring Lilly Fabric $6.50

I think Louise likes pink!  What do you think?

All photos are copyright lttrinkets and were used with permisson.



Feature – The Singing Beader

Based on her studio name, The Singing Beader, can you tell what Connie’s passions are?  Yep, you got that right.  Singing and making beaded jewelry.  I think it is a very fitting name :).

Connie loves the colors, textures and history of gemstones and they are her favorite to work with.  She also likes working with hematite, amazonite, jasper and crystals.  Connie has very cute musical instrument pieces in addition to her gemstone and crystal pieces.

Connie sings on a website called the “Singer’s Showcase,” where she receives many compliments from her listeners.  She also enjoys fun nights out doing karaoke.  When she is making jewelry she likes it quiet so she can concentrate and be focused.  But when she sings, she likes to rock!

You can find Connie at  She is currently having a Christmas in July sale, so be sure to stop by!  Here is just a sampling of the many beautiful pieces you can find in her studio!

Copper Oval Hoop Gizmo Slinky Coiled Earrings Leverbacks Handmade $15

Aqua Blue Sapphire Turquoise Black Crystal Bracelet Dressy One of A Kind $44

Hematite Dark Gray Gemstone Heart Adjustable Necklace Earring Gift Set $35

Large Rock Guitar Necklace Pink Sterling Silver Chain Any Age Female $24

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Connie at the Singing Beader!  Stop by and say hello!

All photos are copyright Thesingingbeader and have been used with permission.



Feature – Pretty Gonzo

Welcome to Pretty Gonzo, home of Handcrafted Jewelry and Fun Vintage Things!  Gonzo is the name of an orange and white stray cat, hence the name Pretty Gonzo :).  Gonzo is no longer a stray and would love for you to stop by “his” shop and say hello!

Mary, Gonzo’s mother, began making jewelry as a sort of therapy after she suffered nerve damage in her hand.  She was determined to turn that setback into something positive.  Inspired by a jewelry-artist-friend, she gave earring making a try.  She makes beautiful handcrafted jewelry and is located on the east coast.  Mary sends you good wishes and happiness whenever you wear one of her pieces!

You can visit Pretty Gonzo at and her blog at  Mary and Gonzo can’t wait to hear from you!

Here are a few of her pretty pieces to look at until you can browse her studio :).

Aqua Blue Glass Earrings with White Shell, Copper, Faux Stone, Earthy $16

Green Gold Foil Earrings with Amber Colored Teardrops $8

Serpentine Turquoise Bracelet, Brecciated Jasper Beads, Toggle Clasp $20

Pink Crystal Awareness Ribbon Earrings, Swarovski, Sterling Hooks $8.50


And here is the sweet handsome Gonzo :).

If you hurry, Mary is having a Christmas in July sale and everything is 10% off!  Use code SWEET-WEE-CAT to receive free shipping on orders over $40.00.

All photos are copyright PrettyGonzo and have been used with permission.



Feature – Joyfully Sewn Designs

Meet Sarah, the seamstress behind Joyfully Sewn Designs. She has amazing talent! She makes super cute modest clothes for little girls. She also makes adorable skirts for us older girls, too. 🙂

Sarah grew up in the Midwestern United States and continues to live there. She was home schooled and is very close to her family. Her Grandmother taught her to sew and instilled in her a passion for serving others through her skills. She began creating custom designs for her community over 10 years ago. Sarah creates every piece with love and care and believes in quality over quantity.

Sarah would love to help you design a custom piece! You can find her studio at and her blog at Use code NEW CUSTOMER to receive 10% off your first order!

Little Girls Summer Jumper – Rainbow – Size 3 $21

Toddler Teal Polka Dot Jumper, Peasant Blouse & Ruffled Pants 12/18 Mo $37

Little Girls White Dress Beach Portrait Special Occasion Size 2/3 $24

Ladies Long Autumn Colors Patchwork Skirt $53

All photos are Copyright JoyfullySewnDesigns and have been used with permission.