How Well Do You Know Your Spouse? – Fun Post

My husband and I have been together for almost 12 years (oh my gosh)!  Time has flown by.  In that time, we have moved, purchased a house, birthed 3 great kids, lost jobs, taken some amazing trips, weathered some downs and been blessed with many more ups.  We are still totally in love (awwww). 

Yesterday, my husband was watching Food Network, which is our go-to channel when nothing else is on.  We especially like to watch it at night before bed and we go to sleep hungry or end up eating at 9 pm.  Maybe we should do something about that?  Anyway, I was upstairs nursing little Doo Bug and Hubby came upstairs to say he wanted to have barbeque for dinner.  I knew he had been watching a barbeque competition on tv, so of course he was hungry and wanted barbeque for dinner!  I am totally cool with it because it means I don’t have to cook (all smiles).  He was telling me about this place in town he wanted to try.  I said “So you were watching that BBQ competition on tv and now you want it for dinner?  I bet you googled best BBQ in Colorado Springs and that restaurant has the best reviews?”  He looked sheepishly at me and said “Yeah, so?”  I said “Nothing.  I just know you so well.”  We both just smiled at each other.

We have also been saying the exact same things at exactly the same time.  It has been happening a lot lately.  Hubby says “Oh, no!  We are turning in the same person!”

So I ask you, how well do you know your spouse?